Privacy Policy

Network Taxis Ltd. value and respect its customers above everything else. Therefore, it is our duty to provide every customer with exceptional service and security at the same time. Security can also be in the form of information such as personal, contact, office etc. The entire content found on is owned, by the Network Taxis Ltd. governed under the supervision of DPA 1998.

What is Privacy Policy?

It is a legal document that contains policies data protection, the privacy of information, disclosure, and usage of information gathered from, to, or by client or customer. Companies produce this document to ensure sustainability, security and overall productivity.

Use of Information:

Network Taxis Ltd. is authorized to request particular information and details from individuals who wish to utilize our services for good. We protect the data in two main forms: electronic, includes online bookings, filling out online forms, all the relevant information that may be required to proceed with online booking and Paper, which includes hand-fill-out forms. Following are the types of data we may require to ensure the privacy of our customers:

  1. Personal information such as full name, contact information, email, occupation
  2. Legal information may include identity card
  3. Your IP address, location, time of access, operating system, and browser name
  4. Number of clicks on our web sites with intensified portion
  5. Information related to transactions made by/through our website portal
  6. Information related to payment made to us for pre-booking of our service
  7. Bank account details for payments and transactions
  8. Information related to any purchase/dispute/refund you have claimed from our website portal
  9. The email address may be required only to provide you notification of our products, services, and updates. You can easily unsubscribe to this email enlisting any time
  10. We may also use your information to release invoices, statements, and receipts.
  11. For the third party, we strictly follow company’s terms and condition and we do not allow any third party to show the interest in seeking personal information of our customer unless authorized legally.
  12. We may use information to cater complaints
  13. We may use information to improve our services and bring forth betterment to the company
  14. We may use information to execute administrative and managerial tasks within the company
  15. We may use information to save history of our clients, number of users and services along with total costs for company personal confidential record
  16. Any information that is required while registration to our website

Network Taxis Ltd. holds the responsibility to protect the customer’s data in accordance to aforementioned information points at any cost. It is also customer’s responsibility to act accordingly to provide the necessary information required to request our offered services.

Use of Cookies:

Cookies are a type of data stored mostly when you visit any website using the internet. The information that it collects is often in the form of location, country, time, operating system and directly saves into the cache of the computer. In general, cookies are used for analytics of websites to monitor its organic users.

Network Taxis Ltd. uses cookies for the same as above mentioned purpose. However, we also utilize the services for Google Analytics to track, monitor and control the demographics and overall traffic on our website. The main reason why we perform this action is to prevent user’s data. Today cyber infiltration is very easy and malicious content can cause severe harm to websites. Therefore, we have taken certain precautions to make sure hackers and cyber invasion is avoided at most.

Individuals can easily disable cookies if they wish to keep such data confidential. Each browser has its own ways of disabling this function at any time you want. Therefore, safety and security of data at this instance should not be problematic for our users.

Use of Law:

Network Taxis Ltd. is governed by the laws of Data Protection Act (DPA) 1998 which followed in the UK. We are obliged to follow the eight main principles of this act for user protection.

Use of Email:

You may be asked at points to provide us with your email so that we can provide you with a notification such as daily blogs, updates, discount offers, and travelling information. You can also unsubscribe any time to stop receiving such information in emails.

Use of Content:

The entire content of Network Taxis Ltd. available on its website is our responsibility except for the comment section. Content is subject to change and alteration at our ease. If there’s anything that is found offensive or inappropriate that one believe, should not be on the internet then individual may proceed to contact us first before contacting any legal authority as by doing so we may not comply and respond to the complaint effectively as it needed to be.

It’s also the responsibility of individuals visiting our website to ensure they use it according to our privacy policy, and terms & conditions.

Anyone found in violation to policies, terms, and conditions will be dealt with severe legal action, an IP ban and termination of the account. We value your data, do you value our policies?


Users are requested timely to update their personal information to indicate changes on their profile at Network Taxis Ltd. This will allow us to record your most record for company’s client history.

Users are responsible for information, data they enter. Network Taxis Ltd. will not be held responsible for any cyber breach if your information is being misused. We only take an oath to protect the user’s data and information on our website. Any illegal activity beyond our boundaries is simply not our concern.